Effective January 1, 2019
There will be a price increase on select hair services. 
We would like to thank you all for the continuous loyalty and support!
D. Glenn's Hair Menu


Consultation (w/o Styling)


Shampoo & Style - (Relaxed Hair)

$85 and up

Silk Press - (Non-Relaxed Hair)

$95 and up

Women's Haircut

$95 and up





Virgin Relaxer

$105 and up

Relaxer Retouch

$85 and up

Patrial Relaxer

$55 and up

Virgin Relaxer - Phyto

$145 and up

Relaxer Retouch - Phyto

$105 and up

Partial Relaxer - Phyto

$85 and up

Single Process

$85 and up

Double Process

Color Toner Included

$150 and up

Permanent Hair Color

$85 and up

Semi/Demi Permanent

$65 and up

Foils - Full Head

$115 and up

Foils - Partial Head

$85 and up

Dimensional Color

Two or More Colors To Create A Unique Look

$95 and up


Color Technique Where A Gradual Fading of Color From Dark to Light or Light to Dark

$95 and up

Bonded per track

$20 and up

Sew per track

$30 and up

Quickweave Cut & Style

$275 and up

Partial Quickweave - Half Head

$250 and up

Sew in

$400 and up

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